Additive & Dye Injection

Additive & Dye Injection System


SAS Tech Solution Co., Ltd supplies complete additive and dye systems for petroleum and petrochemical applications. From initial product design through onsite commissioning and start up, SAS Tech Solution Co., Ltd offers the industry’s most complete package from start to finish. The additive and dye skids are built to meet specific customer requirements.



    SAS Tech Solution Co., Ltd. supplies a number of products used to inject liquid additives   and dyes. The most widely used Chemtec injectors are the ProPAC5 “smart” injector and   the Chemtec MiniBLOCK injection block.



   SAS Tech Solution Co., Ltd also fabricates and installs complete additive and dye injector  systems for a number of different applications. From single injector blocks to complex additive and dye injection systems, SAS Tech Solution Co., Ltd delivers what you need.