Unload & Load


Product Unloading System

     SAS Tech offers a product unloading system package designed especially for unloading transports. The AccuLoad controls the off-load pumps in conjunction with an air eliminator and metering system as shown the diagram.

         The equipment includes; the AccuLoad III, meter, control valve an air eliminator equipped with the Smith Model DE-3 electronic air release system and S50-D density sensor.The pump control and rate control are defined by the position of the three float switches including bulk air or begin/end conditions of the off-loading. When the tank is full the control valve is open and delivering, when the tank level begins to drop the valve will throttle for a low flow condition permitting air release or shut off the pump at the low fill switch position.Timing adjustments can be set in the AccuLoad to allow for varying system hydraulics.An optional alternate gear pump control system can be installed to empty the air eliminator tank through the meter if desired.